Run by gamers, for gamers

It's how we roll

They'd both always had a love of gaming, so when Darren and Bex met back in March 2021, it seemed the logical thing to set up their own games store. Fastforward to August, and their dreams became reality when they opened the doors to Roll-It for the first time. Since then, they've had fun expanding the range of stock in the store, running monthly event days, and generally just getting to go to work and play all day.

Darren - Da Boss

"I always loved gaming when I was younger, but over the years I found myself straying from it due to the responsibilities of adult life. Eventually, I got to a point where I wanted to hit the reset button, and meeting Bex gave me the opportuinity to do that. Now, I live at the seaside and get to play games all day and call it work! I do all the 3d printing instore, which can be a challenge at times. I'm looking to learn Blender soon so as I can create our own range of bespoke minis. 


I'm loving Frostgrave and Saga at the moment, in particular. They're fun skirmish games that are easy to pick up and don't cost a fortune to play. Also, Moonstone has become a firm favourite in the shop, and we have some big plans for that, so keep your eyes peeled."

Bex - Events manager

"I've always been a massive geek. I had tons of gaming stuff in my house, so it's a good job Darren wanted a shop as it gave me somewhere to put it all. I take care of the displays and stock, the boring admin stuff, and making coffee to calm Darren down when the 3d printers have a mad moment. Which is quite often, really. I'm also working on desiging my own board game, which is so much fun. Hopefully, we can turn Roll-It into a brand as well as just a physical store, and have a whole range of games we made ourselves. 

Moonstone is my favourite thing in the world at the moment. I really can't hype it up enough. I do adore my RPG too though, especially darker ones like Vampire and Cthulhu. I'm partial to the odd boardgame as well. Elder Sign and Zombicide are always fun."