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Join us on Friday 18th August as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary!

 There's nothing specific planned, other than playing some fun games with people who pop in, but we can promise there will be cake! 


We love weekends here, especially Saturdays!

Every Saturday, we welcome you to come in to plaint, play, chat, or otherwise just enjoy your hobby with like-minded people. 



Keep your eye out on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rollitscarborough

for more updates on when our next swap meet will be happening. 



Our very own Bex will be running a terrifying Cthulhu one-shot to celebrate Halloween! 

Two sessions have already booked, and she's running a third, so if you want something full of tension and terrors to amuse you, book onto the last session here:



A two-day game of the popular sci-fi RPG Those Dark Places. Led by Darren, you'll play space crew with a mission. The odds of survival are not great, and you only have a few inches of rusty metal between you and death. 

Date to be confirmed, so if you like the sound of some dangerous space travel, let us know HERE!

What's On Weekly

Discover our weekly schedule of events and gaming goodness, and get involved. 

Board Games

Come along and play games from our demo library, or bring your own and take advantage of our table space and fun atmosphere. Totally free.

Whenever you like!

RPG Sessions

£5 - £10 a session, sign up for as many as you like and get to try out a variety of different games as we run weekly oneshots at our lively RPG club.


Contact us for more details on currently running games.

Paint Club

Pay a fiver and stay as long as you like. You'll get the use of all our paints, tools, and basing materials while you work on your projects in a friendly social environment.


Whenever you like! 

Kings Of War Days 

Come and play Kings Of War! Play, demo, meet other players, paint your minis, plan your armies. These days are for everything to do with the game. 

Whenever you like, just let us know you'd like a table! 

Moonstone Monthly 

Come along and have a look at this gorgeous game! Play a demo, meet other players, work on your minis, whatever you like. 

Let us know when you'd like a table reserving. 

Social Saturdays

Every Saturday, we invite you come and hang out with us! 

You can paint, build, play board games, arrange a battle with a friend - anything you like.



No matter what else is going on instore, every Saturday is the chance to come and hang out, work on your hobby, have a coffee, meet some like-minded people, play some boardgames, join in some wargames - anything you like! We charge a maximum of £5 if you want to paint, and other than that it's free!